Bee is a green mobility sharing project set up in Naples. Electric cars – which can circulate in limited traffic zones and pedestrian areas, improving the mobility network

© Alan Lu (MIT-Mobile experience lab). Working inside Pandora will be via tablets and smart phones, while desks will be work-stations with shared screens and meetings will be brain-storming sessions via Internet

© Felipe Correa / Harvard Team. Perspectival view of the upper and lower valley visualizing the new metro system in relation to the larger metropolitan region of Quito

© Max Tomasinelli. The Looking Glass recognizes the user and obeys commands, through interaction with a one-way mirror, an LCD screen, a webcam and a 3D scanner


Smart Cities

Tomorrow’s cities will have to know how to promptly respond to changes, to guarantee the best possible quality of living for their inhabitants

Erica Marson and Alessia Pincini

A smart city is built on a smart grid – a cluster of intelligent energy and information networks. These enable services to be provided in the environment surrounding us and ensure that the system itself can give a real-time response to any change underway.
The ever greater quantity of available data and information, together with the ability to gather, analyze and use these, is a further key factor in building a system capable of improving citizens’ quality of living through a sub-structure created by the networks and their use in various sectors: mobility, economy, governance, people, environment and living. And it is precisely awareness of these aspects that has resulted in the discussion material presented on the following pages – a freeze-frame of the current situation as well as reflection and drive for future steps forward.

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November-December 2014

November-December 2014



AFRICA BIG Change Chance

AFRICA BIG Change Chance

edited by Benno Albrecht

Less is home

Less is home

Antropologie dello spazio domestico

by Matteo Meschiari

Milano. A piedi nella metropoli

Milano. A piedi nella metropoli

by Sebastiano Brandolini